Good Bye (Until We Meet Again)


Saying good-bye doesn’t mean that we will never see each other again.

It means that we will meet again.

It doesn’t matter when or for how long,

But somewhere along the road we will cross paths once more.

Even if it’s for a second, we will meet again.

Only time will tell when.

So thanks for the time that we spent being friends.

For now it’s time to say good bye,

But one day we’ll be able to say Hello once again.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are?

Acting like you’re the one that is being kept afar.

After all the advice that they told you.

You still act like a total fool.

Saying that you’ve been nothing but a tool.

And that you want us to guide you.

But in the end, there was nothing good coming from you.

Nothing but you trying make her into your very own stool.

And even after all of this you treat it as if you never knew.

Who do you think you are?

For me, you are nothing but a  despicable fool.

Close Yet Still Far (Another Family)

We are close but it still feels far.

The promise of a “family” keeping our bonds held safely in our hearts.

Even if the area is the same but the schools are apart.

We’ll see each other again as both the vacations start. 

Hopefully keeping the bonds that we held so dear in our hearts. 

I can only wish them well but as it seems, no one can stay in stasis for long. 

But to see them again, it’s something I’d yearn to want. 


A Little Look into the Past until Now

I don’t really tend to do things like this often but it’s been one heck of a year. Like most students, they blog for their English classes, but for me I got into it because of a close friend of mine used it for her English class. (Well ain’t that ironic don’t you think? haha.) Other than that, she helped me find a place where I can express most of my thoughts (mostly in poems) to other people. I’m really glad I was introduced this website because in real life, I wouldn’t dare show anyone the poems I wrote. Here, I’m free to write what I want. I’m also glad to read other people’s blogs which actually helped me in many different ways. I’m gonna be honest but I didn’t think I would be using this website today but I’m glad I’m still using it. All I can say is thanks for those who decided to take their time and read my cheesy poems and I would love to see what you have for your next post. Thanks a bunch guys and for the students, congrats on making it through another school year!