No one to talk to.

Nothing to do.

All I do is sit here in this quiet room.

With a blank page to write down my mood.

About the feeling of being alone.

But what can I do?

If I have little to no tone.

And always keep my feelings prone.

Just sitting here in what I see as my Twilight Zone

Trapped in the loneliness of my own home.

No one to talk to.

Nowhere to go.



This World We Live In

​We live in a world of 



And narcissists.

Those who only care only for themselves than for others.

It’s quite a shame mostly for their mothers and fathers.

Who took the time to raise them to be better.

But what’s the point when what they do, they would continue to do in sunder. 

And continue to add a bigger boom to the thunder.

Only causing more pain for those known as their lovers. 

Those people are nothing more than



And liars…


Asking for forgiveness was always a hard thing.
But it was always a key.
A key to open the doors to what people call a “new me.”
At times there will be heat but only actions will determine who you will mostly be.
It only takes one word to change everything.
For now my mom had helped me And God had led me.
I promise I’ll change who I used to be.
So that soon my father will forgive me…

The Fall

Skies turn grey as rain begins to fall.

He looks out the window thinking what was the cause.

As each raindrop lays itself on what was his house’s walls. 

He just want’s time to pause.

To think about it all.

Without having withdraws.  

Thinking about the mistakes that led to his fall.

As the rain continues for his cause.