Every Single Day…

No matter how lost we are, you still find a way.

Even when I give up hope, you still decide to stay.

Is there even a way to explain?

Explain the amount of pain that I put you through every single day.

The type of pain that stays on you forever not as a scar but as a stain.

But never

Never hearing a single complaint.

But just a smile and a “How was your day.”

Because of this, how will I be able to find a way.

A way to get past my pain.

So that I can finally help you.

And this time, ask you if you are the one who is okay…




A Little Bit About Me

Hey Ethan here. Other than the poems I like to post, I just thought why not take a little break and introduce myself. I’ve always loved to write poems based around the things that happen around me. Writing helped me be myself. To be honest I wasn’t the type of person to express my true feelings. The only time did express my true feelings was when I was around my close friends or family. Due to writing poems about my experiences, it helped me get out of my empty shell and become who I am today.


Other than that sappy stuff, I just like to thank my fabulous friend Joanna Xue (XueJoanna) for introducing me to wordpress and allowing me to do the thing I love today and share it on the internet. Plus thank you too for taking the time to read this. I guess it sorta feels nice to write something other than a poem. I’ll catch ya in the next post. Have a great one!