Desert of Lives

A desert of lives.
A maze of relationships.
We’re just people trying to survive,
As our lives unzips.
Yet will there be a chance to thrive,
And follow that of mere lips?
Or will we take initiative and drive,
As we begin our own trips?
So that we can revive,
To be someone who isn’t made from just scripts.
Thus knowing how it truly is to be “alive,”
And form relationships.
Within the desert of lives,
We can only continue to find different ways to survive.



No one to talk to.

Nothing to do.

All I do is sit here in this quiet room.

With a blank page to write down my mood.

About the feeling of being alone.

But what can I do?

If I have little to no tone.

And always keep my feelings prone.

Just sitting here in what I see as my Twilight Zone

Trapped in the loneliness of my own home.

No one to talk to.

Nowhere to go.


Just People With Dreams

He’s just a lonely boy with lots on his mind.

She’s just a lonely girl who was left behind.

They’re just kids that somehow got life’s blind side.

But they still got dreams to find.

No matter how far behind.

They still got things to do in order to survive.

So don’t you worry on what’s on your mind,

Because like those kids there are lots of things that WE still need to find.

Good Bye (Until We Meet Again)


Saying good-bye doesn’t mean that we will never see each other again.

It means that we will meet again.

It doesn’t matter when or for how long,

But somewhere along the road we will cross paths once more.

Even if it’s for a second, we will meet again.

Only time will tell when.

So thanks for the time that we spent being friends.

For now it’s time to say good bye,

But one day we’ll be able to say Hello once again.

Family Love

Every time,
He tells his parents that he loves them
No matter how much they laugh,
No matter how much they say they know.

Even when he is an adult living alone
He wants it to be shown
That no matter how old, he could remind them
That they were the reason why he had a home,
Why he never gave up and always had hope.

He knows that when they argued, they just wanted him to know
That they cared,
That they didn’t want him to be someone whom they would fear.

So everyday no matter what the age or year,
“I” keep on telling my parents that I love them
Because one day,
They won’t be here to hear.

Different Lives, One World

The world is different for you and I.
From harsh conditions to the war’s front lines.

But some how  everyone continues to live their lives.

As if nothing to them abides.

Because where they live is also where they hide.

And where they hide, curiosity dies. 

But where does all of that come to mind?

And how about those who have so many thoughts in their mind?

Because they have already experienced and seen the different types of lives.

But in the end, the world will still be different.

 Both Yours and Mine.