It’s the people I met who helped me through my mistakes.

Through the tough and depressing days.

No matter what goes their way.

It’s the reason why I still stay.

Until now there is only one thing I can say.

Thank you for fixing my mistakes…


An Apology

An apology.

Sounds more like an analogy.

Everyone makes mistake and it makes them lonely.

It hurts them severely.

Regretting the events that weren’t so godly.

Tell me, why must things go so badly.

These events that led the day to be shady.

But in the end, all I can say is I’m sorry.

A Little Bit About Me

Hey Ethan here. Other than the poems I like to post, I just thought why not take a little break and introduce myself. I’ve always loved to write poems based around the things that happen around me. Writing helped me be myself. To be honest I wasn’t the type of person to express my true feelings. The only time did express my true feelings was when I was around my close friends or family. Due to writing poems about my experiences, it helped me get out of my empty shell and become who I am today.


Other than that sappy stuff, I just like to thank my fabulous friend Joanna Xue (XueJoanna) for introducing me to wordpress and allowing me to do the thing I love today and share it on the internet. Plus thank you too for taking the time to read this. I guess it sorta feels nice to write something other than a poem. I’ll catch ya in the next post. Have a great one!

Being Yourself

Accepting yourself.

It’s as easy as putting a book on the shelf.

But it’s as hard as expressing ones-self.

Always rejecting help.

Drowning in the darkest depths of your own hell.

Your shadow pulling you down.

Always happy to see you frown.

But don’t feel like your soul is bound.

Just accept yourself and laugh out loud.

Accept who you are and be proud.

Be your true self.