Good Bye (Until We Meet Again)


Saying good-bye doesn’t mean that we will never see each other again.

It means that we will meet again.

It doesn’t matter when or for how long,

But somewhere along the road we will cross paths once more.

Even if it’s for a second, we will meet again.

Only time will tell when.

So thanks for the time that we spent being friends.

For now it’s time to say good bye,

But one day we’ll be able to say Hello once again.


You Did Alright

For those who struggle,

For those who try,

It’s okay to cry.

But never let this feeling die.

Never let it be the reason why you hide.

Keep it implanted in your mind.

Because one day your future will unwind

As a bright light shines.

And you can finally say,

“I did alright.” 


I’m new to blogging but I’ll try my best. I’ll try to learn how to write and express myself. Everything is hard at first but it’ll get easier. Only if I try your best. My blogs will suck but sucking is the start of being good at it. My blogs will be in you, the reader’s care.


Will you be the one?

The one who helps others as they shed tears.

To hear your peers and conquer their fears.

Should you be the savior of today.

And hero of tomorrow.

Or will you just stand there.

Be the savior and don’t favor.