Good Bye 

​I tried to help.

Tried to be the person you wanted him to be.

But in the end I guess I will be making my leave.

Because no matter how much it hurts, I will always have my own sleeve.

I’m not sad.

Just a little lonely…

But also happy. 

Happy to see that as I leave, you will have that sense of relief.

Knowing that all this time you have hurt me.

But because of this, I can finally say a proper good bye.
To the person that I thought of all the time.


A Fake Smile Since Yesterday

Each day flies away as this fake smile slowly decays.

A bland expression choosing to stay.

With nothing else to say.

These emotions of mine disappearing every single day.

As people ask if I am okay.

My only excuse would be “I”m just a little bit tired today.”

But later that night I will do the same.

And bring out a pen and paper to write down the many things I wanted to say.

So that in the morning, I can repeat the same things that happened yesterday.

A Little Bit About Me

Hey Ethan here. Other than the poems I like to post, I just thought why not take a little break and introduce myself. I’ve always loved to write poems based around the things that happen around me. Writing helped me be myself. To be honest I wasn’t the type of person to express my true feelings. The only time did express my true feelings was when I was around my close friends or family. Due to writing poems about my experiences, it helped me get out of my empty shell and become who I am today.


Other than that sappy stuff, I just like to thank my fabulous friend Joanna Xue (XueJoanna) for introducing me to wordpress and allowing me to do the thing I love today and share it on the internet. Plus thank you too for taking the time to read this. I guess it sorta feels nice to write something other than a poem. I’ll catch ya in the next post. Have a great one!