No one to talk to.

Nothing to do.

All I do is sit here in this quiet room.

With a blank page to write down my mood.

About the feeling of being alone.

But what can I do?

If I have little to no tone.

And always keep my feelings prone.

Just sitting here in what I see as my Twilight Zone

Trapped in the loneliness of my own home.

No one to talk to.

Nowhere to go.



Good Bye 

​I tried to help.

Tried to be the person you wanted him to be.

But in the end I guess I will be making my leave.

Because no matter how much it hurts, I will always have my own sleeve.

I’m not sad.

Just a little lonely…

But also happy. 

Happy to see that as I leave, you will have that sense of relief.

Knowing that all this time you have hurt me.

But because of this, I can finally say a proper good bye.
To the person that I thought of all the time.