This World We Live In

​We live in a world of 



And narcissists.

Those who only care only for themselves than for others.

It’s quite a shame mostly for their mothers and fathers.

Who took the time to raise them to be better.

But what’s the point when what they do, they would continue to do in sunder. 

And continue to add a bigger boom to the thunder.

Only causing more pain for those known as their lovers. 

Those people are nothing more than



And liars…


2 thoughts on “This World We Live In

  1. Real-Talk, most of us have had those thoughts. We question why some people go for bad? Every day they witness, there are consequences to their actions and they don’t listen still. It seems any person can reach them their parents or anyone else. It’s sad we have to suffer because they choose to go astray.
    People that hurt others are so buried in their pain and suffering they don’t see themselves as a part of the human race. They are human beings that live as they’re animals that kill to survive.

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