A Little Look into the Past until Now

I don’t really tend to do things like this often but it’s been one heck of a year. Like most students, they blog for their English classes, but for me I got into it because of a close friend of mine used it for her English class. (Well ain’t that ironic don’t you think? haha.) Other than that, she helped me find a place where I can express most of my thoughts (mostly in poems) to other people. I’m really glad I was introduced this website because in real life, I wouldn’t dare show anyone the poems I wrote. Here, I’m free to write what I want. I’m also glad to read other people’s blogs which actually helped me in many different ways. I’m gonna be honest but I didn’t think I would be using this website today but I’m glad I’m still using it. All I can say is thanks for those who decided to take their time and read my cheesy poems and I would love to see what you have for your next post. Thanks a bunch guys and for the students, congrats on making it through another school year!


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