Maze of Relationships

We all live in a maze of relationships.

Life will never tell who we will meet.

How we will greet.

There will be many to see.

But only some are meant to be.

Don’t be afraid and leave.

Take your chance and believe.

This maze of relationships was made for you and me.


17 thoughts on “Maze of Relationships

  1. The relationships you create with others is very important. I admit that sometimes I’m afraid to say hi to someone around school. But I love how mentioned that sometimes you have to “take your chance and believe”. Its so true. I feel like a lot of people just build walls around themselves, forgetting that sometimes you just have step out of your comfort zone. Beautiful poem!

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      1. I rlly like your maze of relationships. It’s rlly inslteresring. Never knew how much you could start and to feel so connected but then eventually. You get lost and have to restart somehow


      2. Yeah that’s my best one so far. I just thought of all the great times I had throughout my life and the amount of times I had to restart. But then it’s the bonds that I made that allowed me to be where I am today.

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      3. Well it’s how life is. We all can’t stay in stasis forever. We have to continue living our lives no matter what the cause is. But one day we’ll see each other again and tell stories of each one of our adventures.


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